Advocacy Tips

  1. Put everything important in writing.
    • Often if it is not in writing, it doesn’t exist for people.  Be polite and clear.  Sign and date your letter and keep a copy for your records.  This is very important if there is a conflict over your child’s education.
  2. Know your child’s school day.
    • Parents often don’t know what is happening daily with their child.  Ask questions until you are satisfied that you understand.
  3. Understand your documents.
    • It is very, very important that you read any document before signing
  4. Know your rights.
    • Know what your rights are as a parent.  There are many resources including this website that will provide you with your basic rights as a parent.
  5. Come prepared.
    • If you do have a meeting with school staff, come prepared.  Understand the purpose of the meeting, bring a notepad to take notes, dress the part and ask questions.
  6. Know when to involve an advocate or attorney.
    • Often an advocate or attorney is brought into the situation after the damage has been done.